All Underlined items are Local
    Starting @ 3:00 PM​​



    Kauai Deviled Eggs $9

    smokey BBQ sauce, fried chicken skin, pickled dilly beans (GF)


    Simple Salad $7/$12

    Rising Sun Farms organic mixed greens,

      shaved radish (VG, GF)

    house made ranch (VEG)- or - citrus vinaigrette (VG)


    Chopped Kale Caesar* $15

    Maui hydroponic baby romaine, anchovy, lemon, garlic, parmesan, croutons (GF without croutons)


    Sweet Corn + Queso Fresco Empanadas $16

    purple Okinawan sweet potato, Hawaiian sweet corn, queso fresco, aji pique, house made crema (VEG)


    Spicy Buttermilk Fried Chicken $17

    Jidori non-GMO chicken thighs, house made ranch, fries


    Tuna Belly Fish N Chips $23

    house made tartar, fries

    ** sub organic simple salad $3


    TLK Double Decker Diner Burger* $21

    soft bun, Wailua meat market grass fed beef,

    smoked cheddar, #1 sauce, shredded lettuce, fries

    **add Neuske's bacon $3

    ** sub local organic simple salad $3


    All menu items and prices

    are subject to change at any time.