House Made Purple Potato Chips 5

    local Okinawan purple potato, NON-GMO canola oil, Kona sea salt (VG, GF)


    French Fries (VG) 5 / Truffled (VEG) 8

    house made ketchup (VG)


    Hawaii Raised Deviled Eggs 8

    smokey bbq sauce, chicken skin cracklin's, house dilly beans (DF, GF)


    Buena Vista Farm Simple Salad 6

    organic salad greens (VG, GF)

    All dressings are house made and come on the side. Your choice of:

    Ranch (VEG, GF), Citrus Vinaigrette (VG, GF), Carrot + Ginger (VG), Creamy Lilikoi (VEG, GF),

    Bleu Cheese (VEG, GF), Creamy White Wine Dijon (VEG, GF)

    ** Add Kauai Kunana Dairy fresh goats milk feta 3


    Chopped Kale Caesar* 8

    Maui hydroponic baby romaine, anchovy, lemon, garlic, parmesan, croutons 

    (GF without croutons)


    TLK Farm Salad 17

    Buena Vista Farm organic greens, hard boiled farm fresh egg, shredded carrots + beets, fresh herbs, organic quinoa + lentils, Kauai Kunana Dairy fresh goats milk feta, sunflower seeds (VEG, GF)


    Hot Honey Fried Chicken 10

    Jidori NON-GMO thighs, Kauai Nectar honey, fresh chilies


    Tuna Belly Fish N Chips 2pc. 20 / 3pc. 25

    house made tartar sauce, malt vinegar-cucumbers, lemon, fries



    all sandwiches are made to order and are served a la carte


    PLT 14

    crispy provolone (frico), tomato, lettuce, house made mayo (VEG)

    ** Add Kauai avocado 3


    Kim Chee Grilled Cheese 15

    Hamakua king oyster mushrooms, Kauai Kim Chee, fontina, dijon, house artisan bread, toasted


    Fishwich 16

    cornmeal crusted fresh island fish, shredded wonbok cabbage, tomato,

    house pickles, comeback sauce, soft taro bun


    Organic Roasted Turkey 16

    house made tomato + cranberry jam, fresh arugula,

    cream cheese, black pepper, house artisan bread


    TLK Cubano 16

    Kaneshiro Farm roasted pork shoulder, ham, house dilly pickles,

    yellow mustard, Jarlsberg swiss, house artisan bread, toasted


    Wailua Meat Co. Double Decker Diner Style Cheese Burger* 17

    10 ounces of grass fed beef, smoked cheddar, #1 sauce, shredded lettuce

    ** Add Neuske's bacon 3



    Fresh Island Fish MP

    Grilled Kauai Shrimp 12

    Kauai Avocado 3

    (when available)


    VEG = Vegetarian / VG = Vegan / GF = Gluten Free / DF = Dairy Free

    All menu items and prices are subject to change at any time.

    We proudly use 100% NON-GMO certified canola oil for all of our fried food items.

    We use 100% organic flour, butter, eggs + NON-GMO sugars.

    20% gratuity added to parties of 6 or more.

    3% service charge added to all tabs for State of Hawaii employee benefits.