Tuesday's ~ Thursday's ~ Saturday's

    3:00-7:00 PM ( or until out of dough )



    Hot Honey Fried Chicken 10
    Jidoro NON-GMO boneless thighs, buttermilk,
    Kauai Nectar honey, Kauai Juice Co. hot sauce

    Sweet Corn + Queso Fresco Empanadas 12

    purple Okinawan sweet potato, Hawaiian sweet corn, queso fresco,

    aji pique, house made crema (VEG)




    Buena Vista Farm Simple Salad 5/Person

    organic salad greens (VG, GF)

    All dressings are house made and come on the side. Your choice of:

    Ranch (VEG, GF), Citrus Vinaigrette (VG, GF), Carrot + Ginger (VG), Creamy Lilikoi (VEG, GF),

    Bleu Cheese (VEG, GF), Creamy White Wine Dijon (VEG, GF)

    ** Add Kauai Kunana Dairy fresh sheets milk feta 2/Person

    ** Add Kauai Kunana Dairy fresh goat cheese 2/Person


    Caesar Wedge Salad 7/Person

    Maui hydroponic baby romaine, anchovy, lemon, garlic,

    parmesan, croutons, castelvetrano olives


    (GF without croutons)




    Please note that doughs per day are LIMITED!

    If you would like your pizza PAR BAKED, please let us know when you call.

    Offering our classic 12" thin crust (6 slices)


    Our new 16" thicker crust (8 slices)


    Burrata Margherita 18/31

    house made tomato sauce, Rising Sun Farm fresh basil, burrata, Spanish olive oil



    Creamy Vegan Mushroom 22/38

    cashew cream, Hamakua ali'i mushrooms, shiitakes, sweet onions, fresh thyme



    Original Crispy Kale 21/36

    cream, garlic, parmesan, Buena Vista Farm organic kale, truffle oil


    Farmers 19/33

    princess sauce, sweet onions, whole milk mozzarella,

    local tomatoes, local fresh herbs, local zucchini, Maui sweet corn, parmesan



    Kauai Kim Chee 23/40

    Cream, Kauai Kim Chee, fontina, dijon


    The Spicy Smoky Hawaiian 24/42

    house made bbq sauce, smoked mozzarella,

    smoked jalapeños, fresh pineapple, Neuske's bacon


    EXTRAS: $1 / 2oz.


    * Ranch (VEG, GF)

    * Citrus Vinaigrette (VG, GF)

    Carrot + Ginger (VG)

    * Creamy Lilikoi (VEG, GF)

    * Bleu Cheese (VEG, GF)

    * Creamy White Wine Dijon (VEG, GF)

    * House Made Orange Chili Oil

    * Parmesan



    SIDES + ADD ON's:

    * Marinara 3

    * Dried Italian Herbs .50

    * Spicy Pickled Peppers: 2 / 2 oz.

    * Add Bacon: 3/5

    * Add Salami: 3/5





    * 20 oz organic raw dough ball

    (this can be divided into 2, 3 or 4 balls

    for the whole family to make their own!)

    * House made tomato sauce

    * Mozzarella

    * Parmesan

    * Spanish Olive Oil

    * Dried Herbs

    * Instructions :)




    Salted Caramel Creme Brûlée 8

    Coconut Macaroons 2




    VEG = Vegetarian / VG = Vegan / GF = Gluten Free / DF = Dairy Free

    All menu items and prices are subject to change at any time.

    We proudly use 100% NON-GMO certified canola oil for all of our fried food items.

    We use 100% organic flour, butter, eggs + NON-GMO sugars.

    20% gratuity added to parties of 6 or more.

    3% service charge added to all tabs for State of Hawaii employee benefits.